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Who is favored to win the mayweather mcgregor fight biggest soccer bet winner

Friday 20st, July 11:25:9 Am
Conor McGregor Family & Girlfriend Reaction to Loss to Mayweather


McGregor brings nothing new to the table that Mayweather hasn’t dealt with before.

McGregor is a good MMA striker, but that doesn’t mean he’s a great boxer. In fact, pretty much all of the UFC guys have below average to average boxing skills. Mayweather has gone undefeated against the sports best. Anyone that thinks McGregor will win does not know enough about boxing.

I’m telling you right now, this fight will go exactly how every Mayweather fight goes 12 boring rounds that lead to a unanimous decision victory for Mayweather. EDIT Man looks like I gave McGregor too much. Who wins those fights, the important fights?

Friends Let us find out, together. Round 1 Who would you cheer for if this fight was happening on the playground? Simple concept If this were a playground fight, fought by tiny children, who would end up winning? Truth be told This is a landslide in McGregor's favor. Arguably, Mayweather 's only memorable line during these verbal shenanigans has been "an elephant doesn't beef with ants," but it's just a bit pedestrian, you know?

McGregor, on the other hand, has put on a shit display for the ages. Sure, he types it all out in caps lock, uses tons of curse words, and uses the laughing-crying emoji after his own messages, but he is completely aware that kind of sheer, vacuous noise is his greatest strength. Floyd Mayweather is now a perfect in the ring after defeating Conor McGregor by way of a 10th-round TKO. Mayweather's record is now, surpassing Rocky Marciano, who went After Saturday's win, Mayweather said this was the final fight of his career, calling McGregor "a hell of a champion." "A win is a win, no matter how you get it," Mayweather said.

"Rocky Marciano is a legend, and I look forward to going into the Hall of Fame one day." Read More. The only certainty of this fight was that it would be a spectacle not seen before. Two different sports worlds collided into a round junior middleweight b. A McGregor win is already a huge liability for the book and it will only get bigger.

I estimate that this fight might be the biggest single decision for us of any single event ever. The overall money and wagers on this may rival the Super Bowl, if not bigger, as we expect anyone and everyone to have a bet on it in some capacity. Since the gambling site updated its odds last week, when McGregor was + and Mayweather was, the money continues to go toward McGregor. So, recreational betters andor MMA fans are largely going with McGregor, but those who have a large stake in the outcome are picking Mayweather.

26 fight is more than two months away, and the promotion hasn’t begun, so these odds likely will change and could change dramatically.

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McGregor Vs Mayweather fight of the century is days away. The all-star ring champion and the star UFC champion will shortly find themselves roped in the ring that will set the tone for the rest of their combat careers.

Place a bet today and tune in on of August to watch two combat fighters mark the history. This means that Mayweather according to the odds is favoured to win. This one of the more popular betting markets, however, there are more than 30 different kinds of bets you can make on the McGregor and Mayweather fight here at Bovada.

Since this is claimed to be the most lucrative fight of the decade, bookmaker has geared up their sportsbook to meet the demand of any kind of bettor. Kenny Bayless, another veteran referee who has worked several Mayweather fights, was excluded from contention for the Mayweather vs.

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McGregor fight due to him being publicly against the fight.

But does the news that Byrd is refereeing this fight work out in either competitor’s favor? He’s known as someone who tends to let holding and wrestling happen a lot more than some other veteran referees, and that might ultimately favor the kind of game McGregor needs to work to win the fight, but it’s nothing egregious.

Recently, Byrd refereed the first fight between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev, a bout that Ward won by unanimous decision while he utilized a gameplan that involved plenty of grappling. Jeff Mayweather talks with Jody Kohn about the possibility of Conor McGregor taking on Floyd Mayweather Jr. In an MMA fight for the UFC For sponsorship.

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Mayweather was immediately made the overwhelming favourite to win the fight by bookmakers across the world.

He boasts a flawless professional record of, while McGregor has never previously been involved in a boxing match. Download the new Independent Premium app.

218 McGregor appears on Conan. If you’re asking would I like to fight Floyd Mayweather, I mean, who would not like to dance around the ring for m? McGregor replied to a playful question from late-night host Conan O’Brien, in July, on whether he would ever be tempted into switching sports. I would certainly box him if the opportunity arose, he smiled. McGregor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champion, agreed to the fight last month, but negotiations over Mayweather’s terms had been considered more difficult.

Their pay-per-view fight is expected to generate huge amounts of money. The chief executive of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe, was asked Wednesday night if the fight could gross half a billion dollars. It’s a very, very hot fight, and a fight that the fans want. Mayweather’s fight against Manny Pacquiao cost between 90 and to watch on pay-per-view and dre. Here's who people who know the fighting world are picking to win on Saturday.

The Mayweather-McGregor fight is almost here. Anything can happen in a fight. It's the basic truth that makes boxing so compelling to watch and to bet on. No matter how favored one man is over the other, once the bell rings and the fight is on, each man has "a puncher's chance" at the very least. With Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor scheduled to meet in the boxing ring Saturday night, very few people are giving McGregor a shot to win.

Though he's garnered great public support, it's McGregor's first professional boxing match, and. It was absolutely clear who won between Mayweather and McGregor. Although Mayweather's speed was somewhat diminished, he showed great skill, inflicting shattering blows to his Irish opponent McGregor in the end and achieved a technical knockout.

In general, McGregor was a dignified opponent although his efforts were not enough to easily defeat the legendary fighter. Mayweather used a thought-out plan to beat his opponent and saved his proud title of champion. McGregor put up a rather dirty fight. There was neither anger nor fanaticism in this - McGregor was simply trying to exhaust Mayweather as much as possible and drive him crazy.

But the longer the fight lasted, the more tired Conor himself got.

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Mayweather buys daughter K Mercedes while McGregor snaps up Lamborghini as fight stars go on Christmas spending spree PHOTOS. The boxing icon was quick to use the opportunity of McGregor’s return to fuel the speculation, posting a mock-up image of a rematch poster between the pair on his Instagram account shortly after McGregor had dispatched with Cerrone.

However, Mayweather soon followed that up with a mock-up of a fight poster featuring himself and Khabib who in the past has also teased a fight between the pair. Was the year-old boxing icon simply giving fight fans the chance to vote for the match-up they’d rather see in?. Who is winning the fight right now between Floyd Mayweather vs.

Live streaming updates online of Showtime pay-per-view PPV main event, featuring unofficial scorecard of broadcast judge, as well other real-time coverage of boxing blockbuster. We will refresh this post after every round therefore, reload the page often to get the latest scoop on who is winning the fight between Floyd Mayweather vs.

Who will win the showdown between Boxing vs. ET Gervonta Davis is announced the winner after an odd knockout of Francisco Fonseca in the eighth round.

But, because he failed to make weight he was stripped of his IBF Super Featherweight title and was prohibited from defending it. Mayweather v McGregor the Money Fight explained video. Floyd Mayweather Jr is the finest boxer of his generation, unbeaten in 49 paying fights and 26 world championship contests with titles in five weight classes, who has never even been down or seriously hurt as a professional. Time to doff your cap because the last laugh will be Floyd Mayweather’s.

For years he was billed as Pretty Boy Floyd, an extraordinary boxer with little profile beyond hardcore fight fans. Then, in, he bought out his contract with promoter Bob Arum for, and recast himself as.

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After Mayweather gained a convincing points win over Andre Berto in September, the American, who has won world titles at five weights, said "My career is over, that's official. "You've got to know when to hang them up. There's nothing left to prove in the sport of boxing, I just want to spend time with my family." However, there was growing interest in a fight between Mayweather and McGregor, after the Irish UFC star went on American chat show Conan and said he would "most certainly dismantle" Mayweather.

Talks between the two camps began in May. Tagged with mma, boxing, mayweather, mcgregor Shared by fuqHALO. MRW asked "Who do you want to win the McGregor vs Mayweather fight?" Everyone is arguing about who will win or who they want to win and I'm over here like "Can't they just knock each other out?" I mean, it has happened before so it is possible.

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If it ain’t me, what’s going on? If it ain’t for me scheduling full-on fights in the gym for you all to talk about and debate or my skill set or my approach, it’s just Floyd at a roller disco. Or it’s just Floyd at the Gucci store.

I’m the one bringing this all the way home. A source told Yahoo Sports that a split on the revenue made after expenses in Mayweather’s favor is a good guess, but there is no way to know that precisely without seeing the contract. The second deal is the terms the UFC and McGregor made on how to split their share of the net revenues. McGregor’s UFC contract forbids him from doing other sports, but he negotiated a deal with the UFC to allow him to box Mayweather. Is Mayweather just far too good or has McGregor got We've seen the drama of the 4 press conferences but has your opinion changed?

Is Mayweather just far too good or has McGregor got a punchers chance? Click LIKE to vote Mayweather and LOVE to vote McGregor. Once Trump won the whole plot got messed up and they didn't know where to go with them as they didn't plan the season for that outcome. Back then people on Reddit were seriously arguing Rousey could beat mayweather. There were 20 people who were all boxing experts while we were watching the fight.

My buddy yelled, name one current boxer you know besides these guys. They named two guys on the undercard or whatever the hell they call it. Now that the deal is done, it's time to start thinking of who to pick.

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One judge had McGregor winning the first three rounds. By round six, the energy in the stadium shifted as it became clear that McGregor was gassing out. Numbers don’t lie He was landing 26 percent of punches compared to Mayweather’s 53 percent.

That’s a lot of effort without much payout. Yet there was still a sense of possibility. The Mayweather contingent was happy their champ will enter the Hall of Fame undefeated.

McGregor supporters were ecstatic that their underdogwho’d never fought a professional boxing matchwent 10 rounds with the GOAT. The bookies were pleased they didn’t have to pay out millions in low-probability, high-yield McGregor bets. Together they poured onto the Las Vegas Strip to further chip away at their bank accounts. Floyd Mayweather has compiled Watch Mayweathre vs McGregor Live perfect 490 record over the course of his storied boxing career.

The greatest boxer of this era will try to improve to 500 this August against MMA superstar Conor celticfestchicago.usther is going off at to win this fight in Las Vegas at sportsbooks monitored by celticfestchicago.us The betting action on this fight has been fascinating. After opening as a + underdog against Mayweather going off at, Conor McGregor’s odds to win the fight have been pounded all the way down to +.

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It also provides leverage for McGregor, who is the UFC’s biggest star and who has been angling for bigger paydays since first winning the interim featherweight title in McGregor headlined a UFC card in August that generated million pay-per-view buys, according to the online database celticfestchicago.us Meanwhile, Mayweather’s best pay-per-view total was the million buys for his clash with Manny Pacquiao in Mayweather-Pacquiao shattered records largely because the six-year courtship between the fighters grew each of their audiences.

But where a bitter rivalry between promoters stalled Mayweather-Pacquiao, at least they we both elite pros in the same sport, free to face off after settling contractual details. But be honest, the fight makes no logical sense. Mayweather is a legendary boxer and supreme defender who will be facing an opponent who is outstanding in the Octagon but a novice in the ring and making his pro boxing debut. Most experts view it as an abject mismatch, so that it was sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission was something of an upset.

That experts give McGregor almost no chance to win, or to even compete, has merely motivated the "Notorious" one. "It's certainly motivating," McGregor said. "The disrespect and the disregard to my skill set is disappointing.

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I won't defend this fight to the hilt but the negativity surrounding it goes OTT. Like I say, I'll be there and I'll enjoy the atmosphere. Myself and my boyfriend will be watching the fight at the love theatre at the mirage, we land on the and we can't wait to be in vegas for a fight.

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Yeah it is a total farce but its a once in a lifetime chance for us, so we are excited!

We are boxing fans and hoping for. Conor McGregor recently took to Twitter and posted a mock "McGregor vs Mayweather" poster. Mayweather himself claimed in an interview that he was the one who started the rumour of a potential meeting between the two. As of now of however, McGregor remains a contracted UFC fighter. When asked if McGregor could theoretically fight outside the promotion in a boxing match, UFC president Dana White was very clear.

We'd have to make the fight." The UFC may try and find a way to promote, or at least co-promote the fight. Assuming Mayweather would win the second fight, throwing the first one would likely set up the pair of fighters for a third bout way down the road, and trilogies tend to be huge draws, because you see a real rivalry build over time. These are big assumptionsbut again, you just have to follow the money, and both fighters would be set for life if they brought in the sort of revenue they're about earn for just the three potential fights.

The belief is that the guy who is a professional fighter and constant trash talker actually wants you to believe he's unequipped to be a boxer, and will use that reputation to surprise Mayweather on Saturday night. You really have to believe in this to think McGregor has a realistic chance against Mayweather. McGregor, who has never had a professional boxing match in his career, will now face off against one of the most accomplished boxers in history.

And no matter the outcome, the fight and the hype around it should make for one of the best sporting events of the decade. Here’s everything you need to know about the highly anticipated fight. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube!Opens in a new Window. Vaughn Ridley Getty Images 1 7. While that would be less than the million generated for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, it still would be a pretty good haul for everyone involved.

Michael ReavesGetty Images 5 7. Mayweather is the heavy betting favorite. McGregor is a massive underdog.

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Mayweather, who is years-old, has been inactive since announcing his retirement in September Broner loves the idea of the fight - because Mayweather is going to make over million for what most believe will be a one-sided domination of a fighter.

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[Mayweather] a fing genius," Broner told CBS Sports. "Hell, if I don't take any punishment after my fight, I would like to fight the next UFC star on the undercard.

After this podcast, I'm going to call [adviser] Al [Haymon] and tell him to make me a fight with Steph Curry.". Mayweather, the greatest fighter of his generation, has spent two decades making the best boxers in the world look foolish even pretending they belong in the same ring with him. McGregor’s vaunted left hand is just one of many formidable tools he’s spent a lifetime learning to take away.

Remember Arturo Gatti, the blood and guts boxer whose trilogy with Micky Ward earned him a place in the Hall of Fame? The same Gatti who was a world champion in multiple weight classes?

He tried Mayweather once and looked so hopelessly outclassed that it was a mercy when the fight was finally stopped. Mayweather is actually a reality. The fight is like a nightmare emerging from a fever dream where the walls are papered with bills, the carpet is made of the finest chinchilla fur, and you wake yourself up by stepping painfully on a discarded diamond ring instead of one of your kid’s discarded Legos.

Eaton’s best time in the meters is 45 seconds flat, almost two seconds shy of the world-record pace at the Olympic Games. By any reasonable standard, Eaton is incredibly fast, but he’s not fast enough to beat specialist sprinters, even those far past their prime. McGregor is a dangerous, skilled MMA boxer with a hell of a punch, but he’s probably not good enough to beat a once-great boxer in the ring.

That’s really all the analysis the fight deserves.

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Floyd Mayweather created history and won his professional boxing match undefeated as he outboxed Conor McGregor in the 'Money Fight' earlier today. He was a firm favourite to win the match but it was a good contest, thanks to the tenacity shown by his Irish opponent, who came out all guns blazing in the initial rounds. Also read Floyd Mayweather tweets after historic win, fans respond with hilarious comebacks.

It was McGregor's first match as a competitive boxer and was the first time he was stepping into a professional boxing ring, let alone facing a boxer of Mayweathera.

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The fight card in Las Vegas consists of eight bouts, four of which will be televised. A couple of the undercard fights are set to be entertaining bouts and, as a contest, the fight between Wales’ Nathan Cleverly and Sweden’s Badou Jack could be the highlight of the night.

The televised undercard fights being at Pacific time which is for us here in Hong Kong. It was considered to be an even match-up in the build-up to the bout, but in the event, Mayweather was too good for Hatton, who was out-manoeuvred and outfought at every turn.

The eventual knockout is considered to the best finish of Mayweather’s career.

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McGregor is used to intense 15 minute fights in which he gets to use almost everything at his disposal, Mayweather is the undefeated BOXING champion who is notorious for putting viewers to sleep, He is the "12 Round Prodigy" and he has faced opponents that hit harder than McGregor, Have more skill than McGregor and can take punches better than McGregor, The weight.

Mayweather is too dumb to calculate but he can feel the win.

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Who stands to win it all when UFC champion Conor McGregor steps into the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Taffet, who also helped put together the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, believes that Mayweather-McGregor has the power to be a record-breaker as well. When we were working on [Mayweather-Pacquiao], even if you went to the furthest right-hand column of a computer spreadsheet, we never had a number of million buys, he said.

The biggest pay-per-view event prior to that was Mayweather-De La Hoya in You’d have to be quite brash, if not out of your mind, to predict million buys. So now that it has [happened], you don’t take for granted that those kind of numbers can be generated again.

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While Conor McGregor has been on a social media mission to prove he can beat Floyd Mayweather at his own sport, the boxing great hasn’t felt the need to Considering this was the first episode of what should be a series leading up to the big fight, McGregor will have more chances to convince the world he won’t become just another of Mayweather’s victims the momentous one at that. Until then, he’ll continue his quest to win their battle on social media.

You are in quicksand, McGregor commented on Mayweather’s video.

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After Mayweather sees McGregor for a couple of rounds and has time to process his style, it will be absolute toyage. Money will pop him with right-hand leads left uppercuts on the inside a jab to the body. He’ll do whatever he wants in there. By around Round 5, McGregor should be gassed, and then, Mayweather will begin to really potshot him. Shades of the Arturo Gatti destruction. This has a chance to be more action-packed than the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, simply for the fact that McGregor knows the only way he can win is to go all-out for as long as he can last.

That will go on for maybe four, possibly five rounds at the most. By then, McGregor will be spent and I get the impression Floyd will want to stop this guy. Does McGregor have a chance to win?.

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Last year, Conor McGregor and Mayweather clashed in the biggest fight of all time in boxing, with McGregor going ten rounds against the now star. While Mayweather had said prior to the contest that he would be open to a rematch in the Octagon, few took the American at his word.

But, for anyone who was there when McGregorMayweather took place, it seems to be hard to rule it out completely. Case in point, McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh. I come into martial arts not to win UFC titles, Kavanagh said. I come into martial arts out of curiosity of martial arts, self-defense, and really what got me involved in UFC 1, what was so intriguing, was from having done various martial arts my whole life was to see how does a sumo do against a kickboxer.

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Mayweather recently suggested that McGregor is the only person he would come out of retirement for and has alluded to the possibility of the fight happening if the fans want it. Obviously, it’s going to take a lot more than Mayweather to bring this fight to life.

But at least Mayweather is doing what he can to keep the spotlight on him while relaxing in retirement. An MMA fight might be able to win a few rounds against a mid to low level boxer, but you can put any fighter in there with Mayweather and he will surely be outclassed in the sweet science. We aren’t talking about a good’ boxer, we’re talking about the best boxer of our generation. The more you think about it, the more you wonder how this makes any sense whatsoever? Didn’t McGregor just get beat by Nate Diaz.

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Sugar' Shane Mosley explains why McGregor will struggle to compete with Mayweather THE HERD. Sugar Shane Mosley joins Doug Gottlieb to explain why Conor McGregor's lack of boxing experience and technique makes it unlikely f.

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Ferocious pathos this light, who'll win the fight? Out the shit-end of the sewers came the idea of Finding Nemo 3, washed away to inevitably end up the in the Great Pacific Cabage Patch Garbage Patch Kids where millions of Barbie dolls swim wondering just how much better it would be if Ken was an inch or two bigger. Mayweather went in for the kill, letting his Bakugan rip a massive fart, the ref stuck his foot out to stop the advancement and made them hug each other since that's what cool bros do when they got beef to squash.

"Ay yer fuckin cooties got me goin ewwie but tat's okay cause you got teh big fuckin booty.".

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Who will win, McGregor or Mayweather. I absolutely despise Mayweather, I never could stand the guy. I think he's the reason the Pacquiao fight didn't happen when it should of, when they were both in their prime. I hope he loses, I want him to lose. However, if I was betting, I'd put a lot of money on Mayweather. Boxing and UFC are 2 different animals when it comes to Cardio. I hope McGregor knocks him out cold, I just don't see it happening, or really even being close.

They should of did one boxing match, and one UFC match. That would of been x's cooler, and way more interesting.

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My intel is Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is going to happen. I got a call then somebody else sent me something [Sunday] and Saturday. CBS has been working with Mayweather for years. That's why his fights are on Showtime, because CBS owns Showtime.

Re-watch the win that got Bisping a title shot and notice how weird it is that Anderson kept trying to hit that upward elbow he KO'd Fryklund with instead of just punching Bisping. On the re-watch, who do y'all think won? Bantamweight champ talking about his injury, how he came back from it, and Faber.

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The results are in and Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor in their boxing match! The highly anticipated fight took place at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday night August 26 in Las Vegas. Floyd now remains undefeated with a record of This was the first time that Conor has set foot in a boxing ring. The match ended with a TKO in the round following a strong start from Conor in the early rounds. The match is on track to become the most successful match in history and it is expected to bring in over million in PPV revenue.

Most of this money will be going to Mayweather.

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Where would a McGregor v Mayweather fight take place? So far McGregor has only been granted a professional boxing licence in California, which makes Los Angeles the most likely location for a fight.

He applied for a licence in Nevada which would make Las Vegas an option but was been refused due to an unpaid fine in the State. The year-old, who is currently retired, made his pro debut in He walked away from boxing with an unblemished record of 49 wins. We think Floyd Mayweather would win hands down - and the timing of the win would be entirely up to the Money man.

He could give the MMA expert a lesson in the art boxing for 12 painful rounds, or he could systematically break McGregor down and go for a stoppage.

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The fight of the century’ between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor may be over, but the internet is just getting started check out the hilarious memes. For those who didn’t get a chance to watch the fight, McGregor who taunted his opponent during press discussions and weigh-ins technically won the first three rounds. The Notorious One began to lose energy around the round, giving Mayweather an opportunity to pick up steam and win.

The five-year world champion boxer said after the fight, Our game plan was to take our time, go to him, let him shoot all his heavy shots early and then take him out at the end, down the stretch.

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Mayweather is the clear favorite, but McGregor specializes in aggressive knockouts. His supporters believe his youthfulness and flexbility will get the better of the year-old from Michigan.

The Irish mixed martial arts champion wrote on social media "The fight is on." However, the mega fight has prompted criticism in-and-out of the ring with boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya described the event as a 'circus' in an open letter to fans of the sport. "I write in the hopes that together we can protect the sport of boxing," he begins. "With each passing day, it looks more and more likely that the circus known as Floyd Mayweather Vs. Conor McGregor will be coming to town in the near future.

"Floyd’s and Conor’s motivation is clear. In fact, they don’t even pretend it’s not.

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Floyd Mayweather, one of the all-time great boxers, comes out of retirement Saturday against UFC champion Conor McGregor, who has never boxed professionally. The fighters will laugh all the way to the bank, but will fans get their money's worth? The fighters will laugh all the way to the bank, but will fans get their money's worth?.

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Two years ago, when Floyd Mayweather, Jr., fought Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather was widely cast as the villain a cash-flaunting braggart who was also, disturbingly, a man with a history of violence against women. That made Pacquiao the hero, a story line that was slightly muddled by Pacquiao’s contention, in an interview, that people who approved of homosexuality were worse than animals. Big fights are almost always sold this way the two protagonists are brought together to exchange nasty words, in hopes of making it seem as if they really can’t stand each other, and really can’t wait to give the viewing public its money’s worth.

In the case of Mayweather and McGregor, the animosity was even less convincing than usual.

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Who won the mayweather and mcgregor fight? They goldenboymayweather promotions are expecting this fight to be the biggest in boxing history surpassing mayweather delahoya. In that fight Mayweather made so if this fight sells more pay per view sales than that one you can expect him to make 30+ million for fighting Shane mosley. Who won the boxing match between Floyd mayweather and marquis?

Money Mayweather won it on points. Sorry for the lateness of this answer as you would know the result by not.

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Mayweather has said he would return only to face McGregor in a fight that’s expected to challenge many of Mayweather’s financial and PPV records. McGregor, who last fought for the UFC in November before taking a six-month break for the birth of his first child, recently applied for a boxing license in Nevada, though his application has not yet been completed.

The rumor is that the fight will have a purse split. UFC President Dana White has said, depending on how much the fight sells and if it sells like it should, Floyd should make about million and Conor should.

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